The Mysteries - Nothing is Secret, that will not be Manifest

If you would seek The Mysteries to uncover the purpose and place of man within the cosmic framework, then this website is for you. The primary focus here is spirituality and physics, which I regard as one, with the articles I present offering my own personal insights on a variety of topics, hopefully providing unique solutions.

In general my work is concerned with decoding various mythological and allegorical tales from ancient writings to reveal their underlying scientific-spiritual solution. No tradition is arbitrarily discarded. All are studied on their own merits. Moreover, I do not think that there is any one system or body of work that is completely without error, or even complete.

What is sought here then is that which is occult – a word that simply means hidden, though indeed a word that hints at something quite esoteric and special: a profound wisdom. Inclusive to my domain name, I take this word in its strictest original sense, with no sinister overtones.

On the matter of occult knowledge per se, it is my own firm conviction that a high science from a lost civilisation is encoded in the wisdom literature of the ancients.

Moreover, even the immense physical structures that they built – the ancient megalithic monuments – I also believe they too encode a high science; being built by an extremely advanced technological civilisation lost to our history.

The Mysteries Decoded

In the journey to receive arcane wisdom, one is inevitably led to consider both the Light side of knowledge, and the Dark. In the first series of articles on my site, I thus provide something of a basic introduction to The Mysteries. Examining in particular aspects of 'classical occultism,' so called, including some of the dangers associated with it:

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