Suppressed / Classified Occult Technology

Occult technology: Modern technological systems based upon ancient 'magical' principles or practices.

In this section of my website I examine the link between science and The Occult, with specific reference to some of the most significant modern-day advances in physics and technology.

Reconstructing the Esoteric Past

According to orthodox history, the development of modern science involved actively discarding the ‘worthless’ superstitious magical practices of the past. The a priori assumption being that they were established by thoroughly ignorant minds in the first place. But this is almost certainly untrue, resting upon the false notion of a steady linear progression of human advancement over the ages. That high civilisations have appeared and disappeared many times over, is however what constitutes true history.

In this regard one may consider the destruction of a most notable global high civilisation by powerful natural forces in 10964 BC. Arguably the greatest key to understanding the so called ‘superstitious’ practices of the past.

In the aftermath of the noted disaster, humanity was reduced to a far more primitive state of existence. Yet remnants of high technology and knowledge did still manage to survive. Most notably in the form of mysterious ancient ruins and mythological stories passed down throughout the ages… just hinting at the principles of a lost high physics.

Now the true history of the development of modern science over the past couple of centuries has involved not so much falsifying the occult magical practices of the past, but actually validating them i.e. rediscovering the underlying physical principles behind the ‘outer rituals.’ Indeed, many today who actively engage in ceremonial magic, astrology, or related occult practices, do not themselves fully understand how they work. Even if they demonstrate some level of efficacy.

The exacting underlying physics has been lost. And it is this which modern science is helping to reconstruct. Though importantly, without any official acknowledgement.

Indeed, quite disturbingly, the reconstruction of the high physics of this very ancient lost civilisation has largely proceeded in secret; carefully hidden under the banner of national security. In this regard vast sums of money have been appropriated to fund an array of special access programs. Covert scientific projects seeking to recover the missing technical knowledge of the ancients. The key aim being to weaponise it.

Occult Technology: Megaliths & Military Bases. Astrology & Nuclear Physics

Here then one may consider various examples of modern-day technological breakthroughs/developments which possess a close affinity to ancient magical rituals/practices:

1. The Echelon NSA Surveillance Matrix

A global network of specially sited military-intelligence facilities, the Echelon system is run by the National Security Agency (NSA) of the USA. Herein a careful examination of two of the most prominent bases (Pine Gap & Menwith Hill) reveals that they were built where they were to achieve an energetic link to the Earth itself. Moreover, that the same principles that governed their placement correspond to those which governed the placement of ancient megalithic monuments, including The Great Pyramid and Stonehenge.

2. Scalar Beam Weapons

Near instantaneous destructive action at a distance. An examination of scalar beam weapons technology. This particular system is intimately tied in to the physics associated with both nuclear weapons and earthquakes. Indeed, earthquakes themselves are triggered by planetary conjunctions. The energy accompanying such events being highly susceptible to capture by scalar beam weapons technology.  This particular essay is a primer on the basics of just how scalar waves are generated and weaponised.

3. The Alaskan HAARP Facility

An examination of the HAARP facility (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) located in the US state of Alaska: a massive ‘ionospheric heater’ or radio frequency beam facility capable of modifying large sections of the atmosphere. In this regard, how it is linked to both the physics of earthquakes and also altering human brain activity. Now the HAARP facility is indeed very controversial to be sure, with many different opinions on the full capabilities of the device. Exactly what this particular essay touches upon.

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