Suppressed Science & Wisdom Video Presentations

Below I provide a selection of some of my most comprehensive video documentaries from my You Tube Channel, dealing with suppressed science and various occult mysteries.

Earth Changes - Cycles of Destruction - Meteor Showers & Great Comets

A detailed evaluation of the geophysical record of the earth uncovering undeniable evidence that our planet has suffered major devastation at long range intervals. From a review of fused rocks, the earth's magnetic field, and ancient records, it can be shown quite comprehensively that a series of major regional and global catastrophes have struck the earth over the past 13000 years.

The dates upon which major devastation appears to have occurred are given as: 10950 BC, 9612 BC, 7640 BC, 6440 BC, 3900 BC, 3150 BC, 562 AD, and 1345 AD.

In this presentation I identify a precise conjunction pattern that would appear to be responsible for actively triggering each of these sudden 'Earth-Changes' events:

This presentation (below) is a followup to the above, where I examine some of the exotic properties of comets, the work of Immanuel Velikovsky on Catastrophism, and various ancient texts. All of which help to explain the physics behind how conjunction patterns cause global upheaval at the end of a world age cycle.

The presentation below describes exactly how the Mayan Long Count and Aztec Calendar Round systems were actively used to target a highly specific recurring destructive planetary alignment:

Nibiru - Planet X - Sitchin Critically Evaluated

A detailed evaluation of the theories of Zecharia Sitchin concerning the existence of Planet X, which he believes was known to the ancient Sumerians and Babylonians as the planet Nibiru. In this presentation I describe Sitchin's basic theory per his interpretation of surviving ancient cuneiform clay tablets from these two civilisations, dating back to circa 2000 BC.

This presentation is primarily based upon his books: The 12th Planet and Genesis Revisited. And after his basic theory is outlined, I evaluate it against modern scientific research concerned with the attempt to discover Planet X.

Nibiru - Planet X - Gravity Simulation

I myself do not subscribe to the Zecharia Sitchin view that there is an unknown body in a highly elliptical orbit that makes a deep penetration of the inner solar system every few thousand years. Rather, I believe that cycles of destruction are caused by special conjunction patterns.

Now one thing which actually invalidates Sitchin's Nibiru, is the fact that such a body does not appear to be able to possess a stable orbit, as he describes. Moreover, in the case of a large mass Nibiru or Planet X, the solar system would suffer severe disruption with just one penetration. This is all revealed in the following simulation: 

NSA Spying Secrets Revealed at Pine Gap & Menwith Hill

This presentation evaluates the global positioning of two of the United States' most important surveillance facilities outside the country itself, revealing that they use the earth itself as a medium via which to communicate.

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