Chinese Pyramids - Hidden Ancient Megaliths

When one thinks of megalithic pyramids from the deep past, it is invariably the case that one thinks of ancient Egypt, and in particular the three main pyramids of the Giza plateau. Be that as it may, one cannot overlook the fact that China is also home to many ancient pyramids, that readily compare in terms of both size and quality to those of Egypt.

That this knowledge is not so widespread within the Western world, is due in large part to a certain cultural controversy. Most notably that the Chinese pyramids – and their associated mummies – are strongly linked to the Caucasian race i.e. blonde haired blue-eyed people, or redheaded people, as are commonly found in north-western Europe. Indeed, ancient Chinese legends directly allude to the fact that the early emperors of China had Caucasian features [1], as did the pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

Be that as it may, without dwelling on any cultural controversy, the core purpose of this essay will be to focus upon the Chinese pyramids themselves, culminating in a detailed evaluation of one of the most prominent. A rigorous technical analysis thoroughly in line with that given previously respecting The Great Pyramid.

The Chinese Pyramids – The Early Sightings

The first reports of large pyramidal structures located in China began in earnest in the early 20th century, beginning in 1912 with Fred Meyer Schroder, an American trader, travelling through the Shaanxi Province. Making extensive notes in his diary at the time, he described sighting a particularly large pyramid, estimated to be some 1000 feet in height, and nearly twice this distance in base length. Moreover, that it was surrounded by a number of smaller pyramids [2].

One may also note the sighting made by U.S. Air Force pilot James Gaussman in 1945 on a flight between China and India, wherein he spotted a giant white pyramid. A direct quote by Gaussman concerning the incident is as follows:

“I banked to avoid a mountain and we came out over a level valley. Directly below was a gigantic white pyramid. It looked like something out of a fairy tale. It was encased in shimmering white. This could have been metal, or some sort of stone. It was pure white on all sides. The remarkable thing was the capstone, a huge piece of jewel-like material that could have been crystal. There was no way we could have landed, although we wanted to. We were struck by the immensity of the thing.”

Yet further to this, one may consider the inquiries made by the UFO researcher Bruce L. Cathie, who in 1978 wrote a letter directly to the Chinese embassy in Wellington (New Zealand) concerning the matter. The reply he received on 7 July 1978, is reproduced as follows [3]:

Cap B. L. Cathie,

We have received your letter of 2 July, 1978 addressed to the ambassador enquiring about the pyramids the Shensi province in China.

According to the Chinese experts, the pyramids are tombs of emperors of the Western Han Dynasty, and the top earth of the pyramid is of the shape of trapezium. History records tell different versions about the lives of the buried. As these tombs are not unearthed scientifically and there were no marks on the ground, it is difficult to draw conclusions at the moment.

Quite clearly then the Chinese have a very conservative view of their pyramids. The core assumption being that they were all constructed roughly between 500 BC and 1000 AD as tombs for prominent rulers – and with no other purpose. This is however certainly not the only position, as there are those who believe the pyramids of China actually date back as far as 5000 BC [4] or even 8000 BC [5].

The Chinese Pyramids of Xi’an

As of the beginning of the 21st century, Chinese authorities finally conceded that there were some 400 pyramids within their country, near Xi’an [6]. And one may readily view a great many of them with ease through Google Earth, provided one has the right coordinates.

In terms of size, a significant number of Chinese pyramids are very much comparable to The Great Pyramid in Egypt, whose base side length is some 756 feet. By contrast, some of the most noteworthy pyramids in China possess a base length between 540 and 580 feet, with one even a perfect match to The Great Pyramid itself at 756 feet, as shown below:

Now concerning height, many of the Chinese pyramids do tend to be significantly lower than The Great Pyramid. A good selection would place quite a number of them between 90 and 150 feet in height, although some are recorded as close to 250 feet.

A further point to note is that not all of the Chinese pyramids are aligned to true north. Although quite a number are, yet others have been found to be offset by as much as 14°. Moreover, not all of them have a square base either; some of them being rectangular. An example of one such pyramid is as follows:

Additionally, one may also note that not all Chinese pyramids possess a precise apex point, with some having a square or rectangular top instead, as shown above. A point that definitely leads one to recall the James Gaussman sighting of 1945, wherein he remarked that the pyramid he spotted from his plane was topped with a ‘giant crystal.’ Could it be that some (if not all) of the flat topped pyramids of China originally had a giant crystal apex? A key component subsequently removed at some point?

Now certainly one has to admit that these observations are based upon only a small sample of pyramids, as personally examined by this present researcher. And thus could only ever constitute merely an impression of the sum total of Chinese pyramids so far discovered. In this regard, one can only encourage others to research the matter further for themselves.

Evidence of High Technology

Previously it has been shown (elsewhere on this site) that The Great Pyramid of Giza was a device capable of harnessing energy from the Earth itself. Naturally one has to inquire then if the same could be true respecting the pyramids of China. Well herein a case can definitely be made to this effect. And although one may consider any number of pyramids as would surely prove it, only one is necessary; as will be given here.

To prove that the Chinese pyramids were constructed in accordance with the same scientific principles as the Giza pyramids, and manufactured to the same end, one may consider one of the most prominent pyramids in Xi’an: The Maoling Mausoleum – being the tomb of Emperor Wu of the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC – 24 AD). An overhead view of the pyramid is as follows:

The main complex consists of an outer square perimeter (marked in red) whose sides are approximately 1500 feet (~6000 feet being the full circumference), within which is situated the pyramid itself – highlighted in green – whose four sides are each some 792 feet in length (3168 feet circumference).

Now is it interesting to note that the pyramid is actually covered over with earth and trees, as with many Chinese pyramids within the Xi’an region. A calculated decision apparently to hide them from surveillance satellites. An angled image from Google Earth gives a sense of the height of the structure, at some 154 feet:

Energetic Relations Revisited

What makes the Maoling pyramid so special, and confirms that it is an energetic device of some sort like The Great Pyramid, is the fact that the same special geometric relations exist with respect to the structure. And indeed, that there is a special link between the Maoling pyramid and The Great Pyramid, which comes by way of a key wavelength measure harmonising both structures relative to the Earth itself.

To fully understand these relations, it is necessary to re-familiarise ourselves with what has already been said concerning The Great Pyramid. In this regard then, one may recall from previous essays that the latitude of the pyramid was very carefully selected, such that it formed the corner point of a cuboid embedded within the Earth. And that all eight corners of the cuboid were linked together by a series of great and small circles.

With The Great Pyramid being set into vibratory motion, the energetic pattern as represented by these curved lines is actively established, allowing the structure to tap into the energy of the Earth.

One may also recall the critical relationship existing between the arc length measure up from the equator of the Earth to the latitude of the pyramid, and a certain section of one of the great circles linking up two adjacent corner points:

When one multiplies the critical great circle arc section (X in the diagram) by 4, and then divides the answer by the latitude arc (Z), one has a numeric sequence which is 10 times the ratio between the current Earth tropical year and an ideal of 360 days.

X × 4 = 20917.36136 miles

Z = 2061.702612 miles

Ratio = 20917.36136 / 2061.702612 = 10.14567340

10.14567340 / 10 = 1.014567340

Current Earth tropical year / 360-day ideal =

365.2421897 / 360 = 1.014561638

Now further to this point, one should also recall the relations that exist between the two Echelon sites: Pine Gap and Menwith Hill. In the previous essay, it was clearly demonstrated that the great circle arc connecting up both sites over the surface of the Earth was linked to the Earth’s equatorial circumference by an 3/8 ratio:

Pine Gap and Menwith Hill separation arc = 9338.37794 miles

Earth Equatorial Circumference = 24901.46089 miles

Ratio = 24901.46089 / 9338.37794 = 2.66657240

NB: 2.666666666... exact = precise fraction 8 / 3

Yet further to this, such relations specifically allow a certain special wavelength measure to harmonise with both arc distance units. In this case strongly tied-in to a 60 Hz frequency linked to the speed of light itself:

24901.46089 / 8 = 3112.682611 miles

9338.37794 / 3 = 3112.792646 miles

Average value = 3112.737628 miles

The speed of light (in vacuum) = 186282.397 miles per second

186282.397 / 3112.737628 = 59.845 Hz (cycles per second)

A close match to 60 Hz exact - the frequency of US power grid.

The Maoling Pyramid

Under close scrutiny it would appear that the Maoling pyramid was designed to perform a similar function to The Great Pyramid of Egypt. It was built as an energetic device to tap into the Earth itself. Like with the Giza structure, it was designed to be set into vibratory motion to produce an energy grid matrix very similar in its configuration: A cuboid embedded within the Earth whose corner points are connected by a series of great and small circles.

In this regard the chosen latitude of the Maoling pyramid is crucial, as this determines the arc length measures of all of the connecting lines of its grid matrix. In making use of a great circle calculator, with the chosen latitude of the Maoling pyramid set (34:20:18 North), the following arc measures hold true:

Latitude Arc from Equator to pyramid (Z) = 2361.950719 miles

Great Circle Arc from pyramid to adjacent corner point (X) = 4947.149728 miles

From these values, the first connection to note is a basic link between the ratio of these measures, and the base-60 sexagesimal system, the first step of which involves the prime number 11:

Ratio = 4947.149728 / 2361.950719 = 2.094518606

2.094518606 × 11 = 23.03970466

23.03970466 / (8 × 8) = 0.359995385

Ideal = 0.36

Further to this connection, a careful evaluation of the two arc measures reveals the optimum whole-number ratio linking them:

4947.149728 / 576 = 8.588801611 miles

2361.950719 / 275 = 8.588911706 miles

Average = 8.588856658 miles

Effectively, this means that the two values are a close match to the following simple ratio:

4947.149728 / 2361.950719 = 576 / 275

Yet further to this, there is then the connection to The Great Pyramid itself. For consider the arc length measure from the equator up to its latitude, respecting the 8.58885 figure:

Latitude Arc from Equator to Great Pyramid (Z) = 2061.7026125060506 miles

With: 2061.7026125060506 / 8.588856658 = 240.0438957

Here one can see then that the largest wavelength measure that fits in most accurately to the two components of the Maoling pyramid i.e. 8.588856658 miles, also fits in almost dead on 240 times into the arc length measure from the equator up to the latitude of The Great Pyramid.

What this implies is that were an energetic waveform created with this wavelength, then just as it would harmonise to the grid matrix of the Maoling pyramid, it would also harmonise to that of The Great Pyramid - essentially ‘exciting’ both at the same time via resonance. And indeed, this would appear to be the case via the Earth itself also, as the very measure in question harmonises to the planet’s circumference:

24901.460896838404 / 2900 = 8.586710654 miles

Discrepancy: 8.588856658 – 8.586710654 = 0.002146003 miles, or 11.3 feet

From these relations it can be seen then that with extreme accuracy, the key wavelength measure of 8.58 miles fits into the Earth's equatorial circumference almost dead on 2900 times.

One can only conclude based upon the sum total of these relations, that China’s Maoling pyramid is indeed on par with those of ancient Egypt. Being an energetic device built in accordance with the highest principles of scientific engineering and resonance. And were one to strip it of all its earth and trees, in its original form, it would have been pristine; no doubt gleaming white.

A list of Prominent Chinese Pyramids in Xi’an

Although a detailed evaluation has only been given here of one specific Chinese pyramid, were one interested in exploring the matter further, I enclose a small list of additional pyramids to consider, all of which are located in Xi’an.

The simplest way to view them is via Google Earth, by inputting their co-ordinates into the program’s search bar: 

Location: 34:10:51.72 N, 109:01:21.75 E 

Side Length = 568.615 feet

Height = ~80 feet

Location: 34:26:37.88 N, 108:56:27 E

Side Length = 561.81 feet

Height = ~96 feet

Location: 34:25:22.75 N, 108:50:29.2 E

Side Lengths = (450 x 2) + (560 x 2) feet

Height = ~72 feet

Location: 34:23:25.64 N, 108:44:20.80 E

Side Length = 550 feet

Height = ~90 feet

Location: 34:23:52.80 N, 108:42:44.3 E

Side Length = 756 feet

Height = ~112 feet

Location: 34:20:18 N, 108:34:10.5 E

Side Length = 792 feet

Height = ~154 feet

Location: 34:22:53 N, 109:15:14 E

Side Length = 1166 feet

Height = ~249 feet

Location: 34:21:42.8 N, 108:38:25.3 E

Side Length = 540 feet

Height = ~96 feet

Location: 34:22:22.85 N, 108:41:52.75 E

Side Length = 540 feet

Height = ~96 feet

Location: 34:24:03.3 N, 108:45:52.75 E

Side Length = 540 feet

Height = ~96 feet

Location: 34:23:25.75 N, 108:44:20.8 E

Side Length = 576 feet

Height = ~90 feet

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