Lost Age Secrets of the Esoteric World

Within the realm of the arcane, it is well accepted that thousands of years ago prior to recorded history, an extremely advanced civilisation was active upon the face of the earth. Global in scale, it was highly evolved in science and technology, including spirituality.

As time passed though, due to corruption, war, and celestial catastrophe, this ancient civilisation was all but wiped out; only a remnant remaining, mostly composed of the unlettered and uncultured.

Civilisation thus had to begin all over again...

Now the great scientific and esoteric discoveries of this high civilisation were not entirely lost when it collapsed. The occult knowledge both of spirituality and physics was retained at some level, being secretly transmitted throughout the ages. Indeed, it developed the aura of being forbidden knowledge dangerous to pursue.

It was encoded in mythical stories of gods and goddesses, elaborate symbols and mathematical ciphers, including the design of ancient megaliths. All testifying to the great and secret knowledge of a lost civilisation from a forgotten era.

Stonehenge Circle

Ancient World Mysteries & Forgotten Lore

One of the most important topics within the field of esoteric knowledge is the measurement of both time and space. An area of study capable of linking together many seemingly disconnected arcane topics, including ancient megalithic structures, stories of supernatural deities, and also periodic global disaster.

Megalithic Monuments & Measure

When it comes to some of the most enigmatic ancient stone structures from around the world, their dimensions would appear to correspond to a very special set of ‘foundational distance units.’ A universal system if you will, that they just had to conform to in order to function correctly. Indeed, far from being merely silent monuments, many were in fact energetic devices.

In this regard, the very placement of such stone structures was itself dictated by the necessity to achieve certain special ratios linking them to the dimensions of the Earth. Most notably the equatorial circumference of the planet.

Celestial Catastrophism

Concerning periodic global upheaval, the ancient sages were very clear: Such events did not happen randomly. They were actively triggered suddenly by special planetary alignments. Rare conjunction patterns of various types that could produce both celestial and earthbound devastation.

Now what is so remarkable about this, is that the ancients – from a variety of different cultures – possessed sophisticated calendrical systems that allowed them to time exactly when such events would occur, even millennia in advance. Fully cognisant of the fact that there were special units of time that harmonised between different global disasters, they actively incorporated them into their enigmatic calendars.

Destruction of Rome

Lost Age Secrets - Key Website Contents:

This website is concerned primarily with esoteric knowledge. Most especially linked to the secret principles which govern the natural world. In times past such were guarded by the mystery schools of old. Today, the so called 'military industrial complex' hold the keys to the kingdom.

Be that as it may, there are certain secrets that ‘outsiders’ have been able to reconstruct or rediscover. And herein, the information on this website is my own contribution to this effort.

What My Website Contains:

  • A rigorous examination of various ancient megalithic monuments from around the world, with solid evidence presented that due to their global placement, the builders had to have possessed advanced knowledge of mathematics and geometry. And this to a level only recently discovered in the modern age.
  • A key proof that The Great Pyramid was an energetic device linked to other similar structures. All of which were designed to interact with the energy fields of the Earth itself through resonance.
  • An in-depth examination of the earth-moon system. A full decoding of the myths of the ancients proving that it was once in a state of exceptional harmony, along with the wider cosmos itself. Moreover, that certain precise mathematical laws, as identified, govern its ongoing physical transformation.
  • A detailed evaluation of the enigmatic calendar systems of the ancient Maya, irrefutably proving that they were used to accurately forecast global upheaval millennia in advance. Clear evidence that many thousands of years ago, they fully understood that certain special conjunction patterns – as periodically established – were capable of devastating the Earth. And they knew exactly what these destructive patterns were i.e. which planets were involved and in what order. In this regard their calendar systems were established to directly ‘count down’ and terminate on the days when disaster would strike. A ‘perfect’ forewarning system so to speak.
  • An evaluation of the esoteric principles behind the functioning of nuclear weapons. In addition to detailing the mundane scientific principles that govern such devices, the more esoteric principles that lie behind their functioning is also revealed. Most notably that the major celestial bodies of the solar system - the sun in particular - directly influence the energetic output of nuclear devices i.e. the explosive power they are able to produce upon activation.
  • An analysis of some of the most secretive military facilities from around the world. Most notably those that comprise the Echelon spy network, including Pine Gap in Australia and Menwith Hill in England. A decisive analysis that the exacting placement of these facilities proves that they were positioned in line with the same principles as governed the positioning of ancient megalithic monuments.
  • Proof that the science of sacred geometry is being re-discovered all over again. Confirmation that the modern scientific elite are establishing certain key structures in line with the placement of megalithic monuments of the past. That they are intent upon realising a very ancient agenda.

My Publications

To delve deeper into my work, I have two eBooks that cover in far greater depth the work on my website. They are entitled:

  1. The Lost Age of Cosmic Harmony
  2. Ancient Megaliths, Covert Military Bases & Nuclear Weapons

They can be purchased as a digital download via the following link: 

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Lost Age Books

In your exploration of my site, let destiny itself be your guide.