Esoteric / Alternative Research in Review

In this section of my website I evaluate the work of other researchers into the esoteric. People who have a similar research focus to my own, at least in certain key areas. The focus is narrow to be sure, but there just might be something that peaks your interest.

Bruce Cathie - The Energy Grid

An evaluation of some of the research of Captain Bruce Cathie, whose main publications include The Energy Grid, The Bridge to Infinity, and The Harmonic Conquest of Space. This specific article is a review of what Cathie calls his “Harmonic Unified Field Equations,” the first of which is E = (c + √1/c) x c2, where Cathie substitutes (c + √1/c) in place of M (for Mass) in Einstein’s famous equation E = mc2.

This is a rather technical and detailed evaluation, but fans of Cathie will definitely appreciate it. NB; All of the three books listed here I personally own, having purchased them all some 20 years ago. The information they contain forms the foundation of my review.

1. Bruce Cathie in Review

Zecharia Sitchin - Nibiru / Marduk

An examination of Sitchin’s theories concerning Nibiru. How he interprets various cuneiform tablets to derive its existence, and also the character and length of its orbit i.e. a highly eccentric ellipse with a 3600 year orbital period. The analysis is purely focused upon this astronomical aspect of his work: his decoding of the Enuma Elish creation story and the early formation of the solar system, vis-à-vis Nibiru.

I will also further note that with respect to Zecharia Sitchin’s research, I personally own three of his books: The 12th Planet, The Wars of Gods and Men, and Genesis Revisited. It is these works that inform my review and are directly cited. NB; In this particular review there is no mention of the Annunaki, which will be dealt with elsewhere.

2. Zecharia Sitchin in Review

The Mayan Long Count Calendar

The Long Count Calendar of the ancient Mayan people. One of the most important calendars used in deep antiquity to target a very special conjunction pattern highly destructive to the Earth at periodic intervals. In this essay the basic units of the calendar and its mechanics are explained. Moreover, just how the calendar system correlates to the more familiar Julian/Gregorian calendar is also detailed, as reconstructed by modern-day scholars.

NB; Although this particular review is heavily focused upon the orthodox evaluation of the Long Count, my own extended research into the Mayan calendar is to be found in my “World Age Cycles” series of essays (see navigation bar).

3. The Mayan Long Count Calendar in Review