HAARP - Covert Earthquakes & Mind Control?

HAARP is the name given to a specific technical facility located in the USA (state of Alaska), and stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. It is jointly managed by both the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Office of Naval Research [1]. The project was initially built to realise certain military-defence capabilities as outlined in a series of patents filed in the USA, beginning in the 1980s.  

The HAARP facility consists of an array of 180 antennas spread out over an area of some 35 acres [2], capable of being able to generate a focused beam of radio waves that may be projected into the Earth’s atmosphere; specifically the ionosphere. In conjunction with its integrated transmitters, the total radiated power capability of the array is about 3,600 kilowatts [3].

Now indeed, one must state that the basic technology behind the US device is not new. There are in fact several such facilities in various parts of the world of a similar nature, that can also beam radio waves up into the ionosphere. In general they are referred to as ‘ionospheric heaters’, due to the fact that their basic function of projecting radio waves into this region of the Earth’s atmosphere tends to heat it up. That being said however, the HAARP facility does possess certain key features not present in other similar arrays around the world.

The Power & Focus of the HAARP Array

Firstly, the primary inventor behind the facility, one Bernard Eastlund, specifically chose a phased array antenna for the complex, which allows one to precisely control just where the beam, and thus the power, is directed [4]. Also, in contrast to other heaters, which tend to just produce a ‘standard beam’ of a generally uniform nature, HAARP has the capability of actually focusing its own beam. It can squeeze it into a tiny area, and thus transform what is a 3.6 megawatt beam into a billion watt beam [5].

In addition to these points one may also note that compared to other ionospheric heaters, the HAARP complex is of much greater power. To give an idea of just how powerful it is, one may note the words of Bernard Eastlund, the primary inventor, who indicates that were it beamed for about an hour and a half, that the energy would be equal to that of a hydrogen bomb [6].

In one final comment upon the HAARP facility, one must in all fairness state that it is not a ‘top secret complex’ as such, in the sense that it is unacknowledged, as for example the Area 51 facility in the US state of Nevada was for so many years. It is ‘on the map’ so to speak, and does have its own official website on the internet [7]. It also has ties to various universities, and indeed quite a number of scientists do work there in an ongoing capacity conducting research. There is no doubt therefore that the complex does conduct a great deal of legitimate research into the workings of such as the ionosphere, and does contribute to a general understanding of the functioning of some of the key atmospheric layers that surround the Earth.

That being said however, HAARP does have its critics. There are quite a number of serious researchers who have very carefully studied the facility and its capabilities, and have come to the conclusion that as an energetic device, it could potentially be very dangerous to the Earth. And not only that, but that the radio waves that it is capable of generating can interfere with the mental state of living organisms, including both animals and also humans.

Benign Research Station or Insidious Weapon?

To understand more about some of the concerns raised by the critics of the HAARP facility, it would be well to examine just how the device interacts with the Earth’s atmosphere, and also some of its capabilities as first outlined in some of the patents originally filed with respect to the array.

To begin, the device was primarily built to interact with the ionosphere; an atmospheric region of critical importance to the Earth, shielding the planet from some of the more intense rays of the sun as would be damaging to life. Beginning at some 30 miles up from the surface, the ionospheric band stretches up to about 300 miles into space, covering the whole globe. A continual stream of solar radiation as impacts upon this region causes the neutral gas atoms present to be ionised; to be stripped of their electrons and so become positively charged. The whole ionospheric band is thus mostly comprised of a sea of ions and free elections, the latter of which can strongly reflect radio waves, being of great importance for long distance communications.

In beaming radio waves into the ionospheric region then, just what is it that HAARP can actually achieve?

Well, according to Bernhard Eastlund, the original ideas and patents concerning the array detail capabilities such as being able to destroy missiles, to control and disrupt communications, including also modification of the weather; and in addition, to lift a part of the upper atmosphere further out into space where it was hoped that it could interfere with the flight paths of missiles [8].

Perhaps of even greater interest than these suggested capabilities though is the fact that the HAARP array, in beaming its radio waves into the upper atmosphere, can interact with a specific portion of it known as the Auroral Electrojet, which is an intense stream of electric current flowing through the lower layers of the ionosphere at high latitudes near to the Earth’s polar regions.

In doing so, it can generate extremely low frequency (ELF) waves that can then return back to the Earth and penetrate deep into the interior of the planet over great distances. But what can this achieve specifically? Well, through use of ELF waves, which are characterised as energy waves of between 0 and 1000 cycles per second, one can effectively probe the Earth, to detect such as mineral deposits or metals of various types.

Or indeed detect the presence of cavities or hidden tunnels. In addition to this, one may also point towards the capability of communicating with submarines at sea.

Such abilities as these may seem perhaps quite benign, or one may say rather legitimate. However, what is also of note is that the ELF waves that HAARP is capable of generating are within the very same range as those that govern human mental processes. And it is this one fact that is greatly disturbing to many people. For quite a number of researchers, experts in the field of bio-energetics and the interaction between light waves and the human body, as a result of this capability, have directly suggested that the array could potentially be used for mass mind control over vast swathes of the globe, by producing exactly the sorts of light wave frequencies as may induce any desired emotional state, such as anger, depression, grief, happiness, elation, etc.

Truly then there are many aspects to the HAARP complex as would trouble the mind deeply. And thus it would be very wise for further investigations to be made as to its true capabilities, and to consider stringent controls to protect the populace from abuse were the suspected and suggested capabilities of the device to be as above outlined. That being said however, the immediate concern of this present work is not that of mind control, but rather whether or not the device is capable of causing extreme seismic disturbances.

Can HAARP Cause Earthquakes?

Perhaps the most detailed study of the array of the recent period has been the book co-authored by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning, Angels Don’t Play this HAARP. In this work the authors present an in-depth study of some of the key patents as relate to some of the more exotic features of the array. Within this publication it is noted early on that a particular document linked to the array states that ionospheric disturbances have been both detected and ascribed to earthquakes.

Indeed, the book notes a case in point; an Alaskan earthquake as occurred on 28 March 1964 [9]. Further to this, the point is also made that earthquakes do cause the ionosphere to react electromagnetically [10]. Which of course raises the question, could the reverse be true: could an ionospheric disturbance cause an earthquake? Now indeed, upon this point, one should note of the HAARP planners, that in their own literature, there was a stated intention in interacting with the ionosphere to generate a “runaway” effect [11].

In light of this one must recall the essential functioning of a nuclear weapon. Upon implosion the very device itself is specifically designed to achieve a runaway effect, as it reaches a supercritical state.

At least from the basic assessment as given, one may suggest then that if a focused radio wave beam from HAARP were capable of disturbing the ionosphere in such a controlled fashion so as to replicate the energetic signature of a supercritical nuclear device, then theoretically, it is possible that the array could trigger a nuclear event in the form of a subsurface earthquake.

In addition to the above, and to complete the analysis of the array in terms of its capabilities, one must consider also the reach of the facility. Even though possessed of a phased array which does offer some control over the direction of the radio beam and the ability to focus it, one would still be inclined to think that HAARP could only disrupt the ionosphere generally just above the facility itself in Alaska. But is this true? A careful review of certain patents associated with HAARP would suggest that such a limitation has been overcome. And one may consider US patent number 5202689 in this regard, entitled “Lightweight Focusing Reflector for Space” [12]. This particular patent appears to make specific reference to the ability to use reflectors to “redirect a microwave power beam” [13].

A space based reflector could thus actually bounce a focused energy beam as projected up from the Earth, such as HAARP is capable of generating, and transmit it back down to another target location over a completely different part of the globe. Were one thus to have a series of such reflectors carefully positioned in space, it is not hard to imagine then that the array could be used to disrupt the ionosphere above any region of the world.


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