A Dangerous Encounter with an Elite Occult Group - The Testimony of Roger Morneau

Shortly after the Second World War in 1946, Roger Morneau, having returned home to Canada from the merchant navy, became re-acquainted with a fellow soldier who he had known from his time in the services. This friend, through persuasion, led Roger into the realm of spiritualism, and in doing so ultimately put his life in great danger.

After their re-acquaintance, Roger's friend told him that he was affiliated with a group of people that could talk to the spirits of the dead. And he put it to Roger that they could arrange for him to speak even to his own dead relatives. Persuaded by his friend, Roger agreed to accompany him to many sessions wherein active séances were held. During such occasions, the medium whose séances they attended did indeed appear to be able to actively bring the spirits of the departed into their presence. Those who attended, including Roger Morneau himself, were utterly convinced by the veracity of the experiences.

As astounding as their experiences were, they could see no inherent fraud. Something quite supernatural was going on.

Now it so happened that at the séances Roger Morneau and his friend attended, there also happened to be a very prominent musician of note; the leader of a successful Jazz band who regularly attended the sessions with his wife.

After the end of a particular séance, through very careful planning, the musician engineered it so that he would leave at the same time as Roger and his friend, and in doing so, he offered to take them out to dinner afterwards at a local restaurant. It was during this time, that he sought to draw them deeper still into the occult.

A Secret Society of Spirit Worshippers Revealed by Roger Morneau

In recounting the experience in that restaurant in Montreal (Canada) many years later as part of a television interview, Roger Morneau (left) related what the famous band leader told him, including his subsequent association with an elite occult society just after the war.

The first thing the band leader said - and he 'came right out with it', was that the séances Roger and his friend were going to were essentially an 'irrelevance'. And that it was silly talking to supposed spirits of the dead.

Indeed, he explained that in going to the séances he was going really only to please his wife, who got a good feeling out of the experience. For the band leader himself though it was a very different matter.

Talking to spirits at these venues was not his purpose, and in this he said to Roger most explicitly:

If I want power I go right to the source of power.

Moreover, in respect to the success of the musician, he asked Roger just how he thought he had achieved it. And to this, Roger suggested that he must have had some good luck.

He said, there is no such thing as good luck. He said either there is some power working for you somewhere, or you don't get ahead in this world - not in my type of occupation.

From this the musician went on to explain further to Roger exactly what was going on at the séances that he was attending:

The supposed spirits of the dead that you are talking with are demon spirits. They are fallen angels. They are beautiful beings.

Now this statement appeared quite remarkable, but what was even more so, was that he appeared to be very interested in the long term future of Roger himself, including his friend.

You guys have a great future ahead of you because we have been told - the High Priest of our secret society - has been told that The Master has very special plans for you. And by The Master, he meant Satan.

Roger and his friend were interested to hear more about it. And the band leader continued.

Look, we worship spirits. We worship Lucifer and all his angels. They are just as beautiful as before they were cast out of heaven. He said that there was a misunderstanding among the inhabitants of the galaxies. Our master was misunderstood and God did not bear with him, that he does with people who make mistakes today. So, we are in a warfare. Good against evil, and we happen to be the evil ones - but we are not that bad. He said, I look at this business between the forces of good and evil - one person believing in God, another one believing in Lucifer...its like politics.

Now in addition to this, and in accordance with further information relayed to him, Roger recounted a most critical position as held by the Satanists.

These people (Satanists/spirit worshipers) are sold to the fact that Christ will not return to this planet with power and great glory. He is going to abdicate all claims to the planet. The High Priest (once) said that Christ is going to abdicate all claims to the planet because he knows that it is lawfully and rightfully Satan's. And at that time Lucifer (The Master) will resurrect his people from the grave.

Following dinner at the restaurant, the band leader extended an invitation to meet some of his people. He invited Roger and his friend to one of the regular 'services' as held by the secret society of spirit worshipers he was involved with.

The service was to take place one week later in Montreal, in a beautiful area. And the meeting place was a small mansion. Moreover, prior to arriving Roger did have certain pre-conceptions as to the kind of people he was going to meet there. Ultimately, he was very surprised:

I had kind of made up my mind the idea that they were going to be rough looking set of characters, but as we entered the place I was amazed to see that they were all very will dressed, well mannered, and that a lot of the people - as we were being introduced to people - were professionals. Doctors, attorneys, a lot of business people. And what they had was a praying session to the gods, which is the Spirit Councillors which are in charge of legions of demon spirits. And they talk about what the lord of their lives [Satan] has done for them.

The priest took Roger down to the worship room of the gods for a praise session involving singing. They were passing around Church Hymnals to Roger's astonishment. But they had changed the very words of the hymns to deride Christ in a blasphemous way.

A Deeper Commitment to the Occult Society

After being there about half a dozen times, the High Priest wanted to talk to Roger alone, seeking to get him to further commit to the secret society.

The Master has revealed to me that it is time for you to become acquainted with the worship room of the gods. We then started to move towards a beautiful grand staircase. Beautiful decorations on the walls. The chandelier was huge and beautiful. the light arrangement was the nicest I had ever seen in my life. When we got into the sanctuary area, it wasn't very brightly lit, but everything was magnified. A lot of the things were gold plated and gold trimmed. 

The alters where spirits materialised - they photographed them, and then they had paintings made of them. And there was probably about a hundred of them around the place. And there was a little alter where there was incense and things they used in their 'prayer sessions'. And some of the objects in there were solid gold. It was a unique experience to see that.

When I saw what was in the room I felt that these people had power, and a lot of it.

Roger had mixed feelings about this, as to a certain extent things looked so good, and it sounded so good...

But you see I had been brought up in a Christian home where my parents had told us - there were 8 children in the family - my dad said if you get involved in wrongdoing you are going to have to pay the price. There is always a cost for everything in this world. So, this thought came creeping into my mind: just how far do you go with these spirits before you start paying the price.

Roger was very nervous, but kept going back for many sessions. Though it became more out of fear. As he related at this stage:

Oh there was no way out - because that, we were told. 

The High Priest said The Master had special plans for us and our lives. No one ever went into the society unless they were invited by the spirits. And that was made very clear. He also explained to us the danger of going against the will of the spirits. And he mentioned about this one man and his wife that lived in a fire proof building in Montreal. The place burnt right down with him in it! He was one of their members, that had decided that he wanted to 'think things over'. He was going to get initiated at a time that the spirits said they would like him to be initiated into the society.

The individual in question appeared then to have changed his mind and did not want to get initiated when the spirits required it. He was murdered rather than be allowed to leave the occult society. Indeed, the very group that Roger Morneau was himself in contact with was not a low level occult group, as was clearly stated:

The High Priest further explained: There are thousands of different societies of spirit worshipers in the world, but we are the elite. We know the real truth about The Master and his angels. And they are not hideous looking beings. They are gorgeous creatures. And from the paintings they had on the wall of the worship room they were beautiful beings. Especially, the full length painting of the fallen Lucifer above his alter. That was very fascinating. Because he looked like a man of great intellect. High forehead. The way he looked with his eyes. It gave you a depth of perception of somebody that is very very knowledgeable and powerful.

What kinds of things happened at the prayer sessions?

Well, there is a lot of 'success stories'. The Master has done this for me and that for me...I remember one lumber dealer. He had half a dozen operations across Quebec. And everything that he touched seemed to turn to money. And he was telling about it. and then there was another person that was a clairvoyant, that would work only for the wealthy people. The super wealthy. He said, I have the know how. They have the means. Let them pay. So he advised in business transactions. They would come to him and say, "look at this deal that I might get", like this factory or whatever it is - as this person was interested in industrial real estate. And he would talk to the spirit, and the spirit was audible to him - but the man did not hear. So the spirit was telling the clairvoyant - though he called himself an astrologer, reading the moons and the stars.

It was interesting. This person stood up and said, I had a nice little experience last week. This lady and her husband had brought this astrologer a bundle of money. And he works only on percentages. He does not work for a set amount of money. Only percentages of what people are going to make. So he said, they brought me a substantial amount of money and they were very happy about it and I thought it was very reasonable, but then my guide (spirit) says, ask them when they are going to give you the other $1700 dollars that is really yours. And he says to the folks, I would like to know now before we leave here, when will you have the $1700 dollars to give me that makes up my rightful part of the deal. The wife fainted. And the husband says, we will have the money for you in 24 hours.

In addition to the 'success stories', the High Priest also went into some detail about the great controversy between good and evil, laying out their basic belief about the relationship between God or Jesus, and Satan, and of how Bible prophecy in Revelation will ultimately be fulfilled in their favour:

High Priest says there is a great controversy going on between the forces of good and evil. Between Christ and Satan. And he always praised the Great Master Satan as a super intelligent being. That he is beautiful to behold and that if ever he appears to you, you will not be able to look upon him because he would be too bright. He would just ruin your vision.

They talk about many, many things about who is going to win this conflict. (The High Priest said) The Bible people - the Christians - they read in the Bible that we are all going to land in a lake of fire. But that is baloney. He said the conflict is going to end peacefully. Christ is going to realise that he might as well abdicate the rights to this planet and take his few people along with him to his planet in the centre of the galaxy, and we will be left with The Master who will resurrect all his people that will be as numerous as the sands of the sea. And The Master will rule for ever and ever and ever. A happy people. And he mentioned the names of some of the people that were going to be there. And I don't want to mention them as they are known to history.

Roger was asked if he felt that these people were always telling the truth.

Oh yes. They really had things down straight. But, I was not satisfied with the answers. There was something. And now I understand that it was the Spirit of God saying, "hold back". "Hold back".

Ultimately, they tried to get Roger to commit and become initiated into their secret society. But due to his doubts, Roger sought help. He asked God himself for aid in a simple yet solemn prayer. And in this, the power of God did indeed save him from the clutches of the occult group.

The full story of how Roger Morneau was able to disassociate from the Spirit Worshipers is well worth hearing. His was a rare escape from such a high level group, proving that truly with God, all things are possible. The following presentation is of the complete interview with Roger talking about his experiences:

Roger Morneau: A Secret Society of Spirit Worshippers

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