The Outer Darkness – Walter Russell & The Dragon

So much could be said of Walter Russell and his achievements in life. Without doubt he was one of the most accomplished men of the modern age, such that when he died the famous newspaperman Walter Cronkite referred to him as “…the Leonardo da Vinci of our time.”

He was a famous painter, architect, sculptor, author, mathematician and natural philosopher. He excelled in everything he set his mind to, and for most of his life his endeavours were focused on the arts. This all changed however in 1921 when Russell experienced nothing less than Cosmic Illumination.

In a timeless flash he became Mind alone, acquiring insight into the whole framework of the cosmos, the nature of God and matter, and how all physical processes operate within the universe.

For 39 days Russell held this unusual state frantically drawing and writing all that he knew from this divine insight to record it for posterity and transmit it to the world. Indeed, prior to this time he knew very little of the sciences; of physics and chemistry. But after this experience his knowledge surpassed all that was traditionally thought about these subjects.

Now space does not permit here a consideration of all of Walter Russell's knowledge concerning the physics of the universe. For a more comprehensive assessment one would need to consult his published books. That said, what will be given here is the critical knowledge in brief as would appear to hold the key to understanding the nature of The Outer Darkness.

Walter Russell & The Formation of Matter

From his profound insight Walter Russell discovered that behind the universe of matter there was a source realm of ideas that he came to refer to as the Universal Cosmic Vacuum. It is a realm of zero movement with a geometry of zero curvature; a realm of stillness wherein there is no tension.

The creative act to bring forth or manifest an idea or thought-form contained within this realm, is the act of Mind itself ‘tapping’ the very fabric of the Universal Cosmic Vacuum. It is an act that produces a state of tension. One may consider the analogy of one dipping a finger into a fast-moving uniform stream. Immediately it creates a blockage with curved flowing water rushing around the finger.

Now fundamentally, according to Walter Russell the whole of the physical universe itself is electrical in nature; all things being composed of this one “substance.” Indeed, the actual manifestation of electricity along with its magnetic counterpart constitutes the very emergence of matter to form the material universe – all extended forth from the Universal Cosmic Vacuum of stillness. What one may characterise then as Creation, is the realm composed of matter in the form of a myriad number of electrical pulses creating all elements and substances due to their subtle interactions.

Russell was wont to state explicitly in his writings that matter itself is motion, and its geometry is curved and spiral in nature. Moreover, the very manifestation of matter begins with a state of tension extending forth from the Universal Cosmic Vacuum. This establishes a ‘Gravity Axis’ about which spiralling motion occurs of the One electrical substance that makes up all matter, which in effect is ‘drawn off’ from the unlimited Mind source. Such motion in all its subtle complexity is responsible for creating all of the known elements that exist.

Now the spiralling motion around the gravity axis occurs in two directions, forming twin ‘cones of light.’ The meeting of the two apex points of the cones is the centre point of the gravity axis where the greatest level of compression and pressure is to be had, including heat. The whole action that manifests matter thus involves the union or meeting up of ‘mate-pairs’ of approaching ‘light rings.’

Consider a diagram by Walter Russell that helps to explain the process, wherein one can see detailed two types of spiralling motion involved in the manifestation of matter (left). The first is the ‘charging’ aspect, which is responsible for the formation of matter. This is a centripetal inward spiralling motion which compresses rings of light with ever greater intensity to form the different elements of matter. It is this action that brings matter in the form of electrical pulses into existence to establish the material universe.

All of the different elemental substances that we call matter are but different pressure states of the one substance that is electrical light, compressed to achieve various levels of pressure and thus heat.

The second type of spiralling motion involved in the manifestation of matter is centrifugal. This is a ‘discharging’ action, responsible for the unwinding of the compressed light rings back to their source i.e. the Universal Cosmic Vacuum. Essentially, once the centripetal motion has compressed the light rings to their limit approaching the centre point of the gravity axis, there is a dynamic switch that takes place. The centripetal inward motion ceases and the centrifugal outward motion takes over. The matter is unravelled causing it to withdraw from existence; the high pressure and heat being released, as ‘cold’ is sought.

Now Walter Russell stresses that the whole framework of nature is essentially musical in character, and that there are a total of nine octaves of different pressure states, or rather bands that define the groups of elements. The whole of the periodic table is thus structured according to the pressure states of the various elements.

One should note though in particular the importance of the element Carbon within the framework, for it is the one element that manifests ‘perfect maturity’ in contrast to all others. Indeed, to understand this one needs to realise that in the lower octaves the activity of charging is more dominant than discharging. Initially this bias is necessary to allow for material to actually enter the universe to form matter.

As one progresses through the octaves though one moves towards achieving a balance of these two actions, wherein the charging and discharging function, or the centripetal and centrifugal motions, are equal. Now this very balance is actually achieved with the manifestation of the Carbon atom, whose form is that of a perfect glowing sphere, being the optimum union of light rings at the gravity centre point.

In progressing beyond carbon into the higher octaves, the elements begin to have less charge flowing into them, with the discharge action being more dominant. Essentially, they are throwing off more of their material i.e. their ‘light rings’ via the discharging centrifugal action, than they are receiving new material from the Mind Source, to maintain themselves. This switch ultimately allows for matter to fully return to the Mind Source.

Now Walter Russell notes that radioactivity is the discharge principle, acting through centrifugal motion; the very unwinding of the light rings that constitute matter. Indeed, one may note here the radioactive elements uranium and plutonium, both of which are found in the higher octaves. What makes these elements so dangerous is the fact that they are heavily engaged in discharging their material through the explosive release of extreme pressures, as the rings of light that compose them are thrown off through centrifugal action.

Now one further point to mention is that all elements beyond Carbon begin to lose their optimum balanced spherical form. They become unstable and ‘wobbly,’ developing an ellipsoid form, getting ever more compressed in shape the higher they are within the octave structure.

Trapped Within the Jaws of the Dragon

From all that has been said, one point of critical importance must be noted: In the dynamic action that produces matter in the form of concentrated light rings, three critical connections to the Mind Source are established:

The first is at the beginning of the centripetal inward motion, at the ‘bases’ of the two ‘cones of light.’ This is the first point of contact to the Mind Source, from which curved motion begins and matter first emerges into the universe.

The second is at the union point where the two spiralling motions meet at the gravity centre point. The optimum union is with the manifestation of the Carbon atom.

The third is where the centrifugal action has reached its extreme point of unwinding with the matter withdrawing back into the Mind Source. The curved geometry of the light – along with its tension – disappears, and the matter ceases to manifest.

Now critically, for matter to manifest correctly in the form of a given element, the electrical circuit that establishes it must, following initiation, be dynamically maintained without error, such that a continuous connection to the Mind Source is active at all times with respect to the 3 noted points.

What is called then The Outer Darkness, is the condition wherein there occurs an abnormal disruption to the flowing electrical circuit manifesting matter, such that all links to the Mind Source are severed.

This very condition occurs when there is an improper union between the two spiralling waveforms as they meet up at the centre point of the gravity axis. A further diagram by Walter Russell is most apt to help explain this:

A proper union of the two incoming waveforms involves a ‘dynamic dance’ that unites them both, whilst simultaneously maintaining a continuous connection to the Mind Source, which subsequently allows for the correct transition to the centrifugal discharge action. Herein it is vitally important that there is an ordered transition from a centripetal inward motion to a centrifugal outward motion, so that the electrical circuit can ultimately return back to the Mind Source. If however the union is improper, then the two incoming waveforms have an ‘irregular collision’ and become caught up in a circular motion. This action severs all links to the Mind Source, as the two waveforms become trapped. They can receive no further incoming charge, nor can they discharge back to the Source. At the point of such an improper union no Mind Source connection is even possible. Imprisoned in an abnormal circular loop, they are completely cut off.

The Dragon swallowing its own tail is the symbol for the abnormal union of the waveform patterns established to manifest the physical universe. It is the symbol that denotes the improper union of matter in terms of the electrical circuit that produces it.

Fire Intensity & Gravity Power

It would be well to note that the very physics of the Dragon as revealed by Jesus, would indeed appear to have some mathematical connection to the work of Walter Russell. One may contrast the ‘intensity of the fire’ of the various lower realms of the Gnostic hierarchy, as described by Jesus, with the pressure potentials that Walter Russell speaks of in terms of the manifestation of the elements, as laid out in his periodic table.

According to Jesus, per the mathematics of the Pistis Sophia, the fire intensity difference between the cosmos, wherein man resides, and The Outer Darkness, is: 9 x 9 x 9 x 70 = 51030.

Now according to Walter Russell, the periodic table of elements is comprised of nine octaves based on a ‘cube progression’ involving the number 8 - which indeed is the power of gravity starting at the very first octave. Moreover, this same value is also the natural multiplier of gravity power as one moves through all of the different octaves:

1 = 8
2 = 64
3 = 512
4 = 4096
5 = 32768
6 = 262144
7 = 2097152
8 = 16777216
9 = 134217728

Now certainly the mathematical multipliers given by Jesus respecting the different levels of ‘fire’ of the lower realms of the gnostic hierarchy, do differ from the singular multiplier that Walter Russell himself gives respecting the relative ‘gravity power’ of the noted octaves of matter. Certainly from this one would surmise that they are not talking about exactly the same aspect of matter. How might one resolve the issue?

The Highest Melting Point in Nature

Previously it was noted that with the manifestation of Carbon, one reaches the ‘maturity point’ of matter as expressed in nature. And yet Carbon itself by no means possesses the greatest ‘gravity power.’ Indeed, being at the end of the fourth octave, its gravity power value is nowhere near to being as extreme as the elements at the far end of the periodic table, as present within the seventh, eighth, or ninth octaves. Quite clearly, the latter possess gravity pressure potentials millions of times greater than that of Carbon.

Gravity potential aside however, where Carbon does ‘rule supreme’ so to speak, is with respect to its melting point. Indeed, all elements in nature have a unique melting point: the temperature at which a given element will change its state from a solid to a liquid.

Carbon has the highest melting point of all of the elements in the periodic table, at some 3600°.

In light of this, one may surmise that the more complex mathematical structure laid out by Jesus captures an aspect of the elements slightly different to that of Walter Russell. And that this closely relates to the temperature thresholds at which the elements change their state.

Absolute Deviation

In view of the above, it would not be unreasonable to suspect that there is a strong association between The Outer Darkness and the Carbon atom. Of all the elements, Carbon alone is uniquely possessed of a balanced ‘electrical circuitry’ giving it an even flow of charge and discharge in its connection to the Mind Source. No other element achieves such ‘perfect maturity,’ thereby allowing it to manifest an exacting spherical form.

Now as carbon is possessed of the highest melting point of all the elements of nature, the greatest amount of energy must be applied to it to cause it to change its state. When one considers this point, one is led to suspect then that the energy configuration that characterises The Outer Darkness, is none other than the ‘perfect failure’ to achieve the formation of the carbon atom.

One may consider the key diagram of Walter Russell shown previously detailing the octave wherein carbon is found, whilst considering the words of Jesus concerning the character of The Outer Darkness:

“…all the souls which are led into that region, will be frozen up [?] in the violent cold and the hail and exceedingly violent fire which is in that region,”

At the union point of the two waveforms in the centre of Walter Russell's diagram, Carbon is manifest as the perfect glowing sphere.

One can see also the labels: heat and cold, with their associated arrows.

The ‘action’ of gravity is to compress electrical light via a spiralling centripetal motion to form matter; an action which indeed is responsible for generating heat. With matter formed as a result of this process, the unwinding action then takes over. This is the centrifugal spiralling motion unravelling the light rings that have been compressed to form the matter. This action is the explosive desire to dissipate the heat and unravel the matter to return it back to the Mind Source. This action ‘seeks’ cold.

At the point of manifesting the carbon atom - the optimum manifestation of matter – one has the greatest intensity between the two opposing forces seeking heat and cold. Now if the correct waveform union is achieved, an ordered balance is established and the carbon atom is manifested. If an improper union of the waveforms occurs, a corruption of the carbon atom is manifested. The link to the Mind Source is severed and the two opposing waveforms are abnormally trapped in a violent cycle of heat and cold.

Captured by the Dragon

Insight into the mystery of The Outer Darkness through consideration of a single cycle of nature is one thing. Yet what actions of men lead their souls to become so compromised that they are a trap even unto themselves?

The fullest understanding is to be gained here when one realises that morality is not about ethics, but health.

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