Occult Physics Hardback Book - Canada

Hardback book: 440 pages
Dimensions: 9.25 x 6.25 x 0.95 inches
Paper weight: 90 gsm
Shipping Weight: 1.89 Pounds/0.86 Kg

Book Price: £19.99

+ Air Mail Postage: £16.80* + Packaging: £0.83 =

Total Price (GBP) = £37.62

NB: For ease of purchase, the 'Buy Now' button has been set to the total price of £37.62, which will automatically be converted into your own native currency. No additional options for selecting postage type are required to make the purchase.

*A Special Note on the Airmail Shipping Cost & Corona Virus

The book itself is a high quality heavy edition, as is generally customary for hardback bound scholarly works of this type. As a result, the price of shipping to distant foreign countries outside the UK, where I am based, is a significant portion of the book price itself. This is due entirely to the weight of the book, and there is no way around this. The Airmail shipping price as given is exactly what Royal Mail charges, and should be exact to the value of the stamps on the package that you will receive.

CORONA VIRUS PRICE INCREASES: A few months ago a significant surcharge was imposed on parcels being sent to Canada due to the Corona Virus. At the time, Air Mail shipping to Canada from the UK was £14.10. This increased 'overnight' to £16.80 or +20%, and so I have had to adjust the prices.

For the past 3 years though, I have been selling the book at £22.50. I have decided to reduce this and now sell it at £19.99.

Air Mail - Expected Delivery Time

Royal Mail aims to deliver post from the UK to all international countries in 5-7 working days. Once the item has been delivered to a given country, it is then in the hands of the internal postal service of that country.

Please allow 40 calendar days to pass between the date of the book being posted to querying it's none arrival. This time period is basically to attempt to cover any unforeseen excessive delays in customs, which may occur in rare instances.
In general however, one may note from feedback so far gathered from the United States, Canada, Norway, Greece, and New Zealand; almost all recipients of the book so far have reported receiving it within 16 calendar days from posting in the United Kingdom.

Indeed, some people within the USA have reported receiving the book within 8 calendar days of posting, with the same true for certain European countries e.g. Greece.

Order Queries

You may contact me directly on the E-mail address to follow up a none delivery after the 40 day limit:

The email is given as an image to prevent E-mail harvesters that trawl the web capturing addresses for blanket spamming. Simply manually re-type the email address into your email service package e.g. outlook, MSN or Yahoo.

Returns Policy

If you are not satisfied with the book after its arrival, please contact me on the above stated E-mail address to state your intention to return the book. Your request to return the book cannot be later than 40 days from the date it was first posted to you. Any request to return the item after this time will be refused, and the purchase made and the transaction will stand.

If you notify me within the above time limit via E-mail of your intention to return the book, then a Return Address will be provided for you to send it back. The book must be sent back in the same quality of packaging as it was sent in. When it is received back your money will be fully refunded. However, you yourself will cover the shipping cost of returning the book. The return shipping cost will not be refunded.

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