Occult Physics Hardback Book / UK

Hardback book: 440 pages
Dimensions: 9.25 x 6.25 x 0.95 inches
Paper weight: 90 gsm
Shipping Weight: 1.89 Pounds/0.86 Kg

Book Price: £19.99

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Total Price (GBP) = £24.52

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Order Queries

You may contact me directly on the E-mail address to follow up a none delivery after 10 days. As I will be sending it 1st Class, it should arrive in 1-2 days after I post it:

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Returns Policy

If you are not satisfied with the book after its arrival, please contact me on the above stated E-mail address to state your intention to return the book. Your request to return the book cannot be later than 10 days from the date it was first posted to you. Any request to return the item after this time will be refused, and the purchase made and the transaction will stand.

If you notify me within the above time limit via E-mail of your intention to return the book, then a Return Address will be provided for you to send it back. The book must be sent back in the same quality of packaging as it was sent in. When it is received back your money will be fully refunded. However, you yourself will cover the shipping cost of returning the book. The return shipping cost will not be refunded.

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